Contact Lenses – With Care!

The Contact Lens Fitting

We specialize in contact lenses.  Over the years we have fitted thousands of patients.  Our fittings include sufficient follow-up care until you are satisfied with the best possible fit.  We welcome patients who have had problems in the past with contact lenses or who have not been specifically fitted previously.  At Charlotte Ophthalmology Clinic we have the latest technology which allows us to select lenses made specifically for you. Our philosophy is to give you the best vision and comfort possible while ensuring that your eyes are in optimum health over a lifetime of contact lens wear. Contact lenses are medical devices that require thorough testing to ensure accuracy and safety.  After your comprehensive Eye Exam, your doctor will discuss contact lens options and schedule you for a contact lens evaluation. This includes evaluation of the lenses on your eyes to ensure good ocular health and fitting as well as optimal vision. Included in the fittings are up to 6 pairs of trial lenses and up to 60 days of follow up visits to maintain continued success.


A contact lens prescription will be released to you at the end of the contact lens fitting, when we have determined that the lenses are working properly for your eyes.  Our physicians are providers for most insurances. Please check with your insurance company to see if you will receive additional discounts by purchasing your lenses through us.


At Charlotte Ophthalmology we carry a large inventory of lenses on site and fit a wide variety of lenses-disposable, daily wear, toric, bifocal, soft, and gas permeable.  The most cost effective way to purchase your contact lenses is by ordering an annual supply because there are product rebates and discounts to off-set your expense. We are competitively priced and also offer extra services such as:

  • Free starter kits for new contact lens wearers
  • Personal care approach provided by our Ophthalmologists and technicians
  • Discounts on sunglasses or spare glasses through our Optical Department
  • We will work with you to exchange any unopened boxes purchased through our office for those of the new prescription.


Trial lenses are intended to compliment the fitting service and are not intended to be used as replacement lenses.

  • Current(non-expired) Rx:  One pair of complementary lenses may be given per year(if we have them in stock)while boxes of lenses are being ordered.  No trials may be given unless boxes have by ordered by our office.
  • CL prescription is expired within the past 12 months:  One pair may be given if the patient schedules an examination within two weeks.
  • CL prescription is expired more than twelve months:  No lenses may be dispensed without a contact lens examination.

We adhere to the guidelines set forth by the National Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act of 2004 which states that contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year from the date of your exam.  An annual comprehensive examination and contact lens evaluation is required to renew the prescription.

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