With the use of a computerized laser, cataract surgery just got better!

For patients who are candidates, the latest technology for cataract surgery allows our doctors to use a surgical laser, called LENSX, for specific segments of the procedure to make cataract surgery more accurate than ever before. This laser system creates incisions without a blade so that the capsulotomy, primary incisions and even astigmatism incisions can be created more precisely.

Not everyone is a candidate for LENSX. Patients with small pupils, glaucoma, corneal disease and small eyes will not get satisfactory results. Dr. Branner, Dr. Vaziri and Dr. Whiteside are all certified LENSX surgeons and will be happy to examine your eyes to determine if this procedure is right for you.

This approach for cataract surgery costs more because of the costs of the laser and because of the additional operating room time and preoperative measurements required. And the additional costs are not covered by insurance so patients will have to pay more out of pocket for this technology. But for patients who want to improve their chances of 20/20 vision without glasses after cataract surgery, it may be worth the additional expense.