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Glaucoma is a complex disease of the optic nerve which causes irreversible vision loss. In its early stages in causes no symptoms, so you may have the condition and not know it. The only way to determine whether you have it is to have your eye pressure measured and to have your optic nerve examined. This can be done as part of a complete annual eye exam.

Glaucoma can occur in many forms but it is primarily due an increase in the intraocular pressure above the normal range of 10 to 21 mmHg. It can usually be treated by lowering your eye pressure with regular use of special prescription eye drops. Treatment will keep your vision from deteriorating but it will not restore vision already lost; therefore, it needs to be detected at an early stage before it damages the eyesight.

Our ophthalmologists diagnose and treat glaucoma patients on a daily basis and will use their experience to evaluate whether you have this condition.

Risk Factors

Glaucoma is more common if you are older than 50, have diabetes or high blood pressure, are African-American, or have had previous eye surgery or eye injuries. Risk increases with age so you should have your eyes examined each year and you should control conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

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