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The cornea is the part of the eye you can touch with your finger. Even minor trauma can scratch the surface of the cornea, removing the skin-like epithelial layer and exposing the sensitive nerve endings below. Patients describe intense pain, tearing, light sensitivity and blurred vision, which does not resolve after a few minutes.

Fortunately, several treatments offered at Charlotte Ophthalmology Clinic can quickly reduce the pain, restore the vision and heal the cornea. Topical antibiotic drops are prescribed to reduce the risk of infection, and dilating drops are used to reduce spasm from light sensitivity. A special formula of “comfort drops” helps with the pain. A bandage contact lens or patch can be placed to further reduce the pain if needed. Usually is takes 24 hours for the cornea to heal so patients are asked to take it easy, wear sunglasses and use oral analgesics – and give it time.

Rarely does this injury permanently affect one’s vision but scarring or recurring erosions can be a problem, so followup with us is sometimes necessary to treat these problems.

We are available on an emergency basis to see you in our office if needed.

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